Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Removable Pool Fences are Easy To Use

A removable pool fence provides a secure barrier than can be taken down or moved, by an adult, according to the current needs of the pool owners.

Installation of this swimming pool fencing requires the drilling of 1 ¼ inch holes in concrete deck or other surfaces where pool fencing is desired. Sleeves to support the pool fencing poles are inserted in the holes. These holes are well camouflaged with color-coordinated plugs when the swimming pool fencing is not in use.

To put the swimming pool fencing in place, one simply places the first pole in the first hole and unroll the fence to the 2nd pole which is placed in the second hole, and so on. The last pole then attaches to the first, in the case of pool fencing which surrounds a pool. The pool fencing may also attach to a building, a wall or other structure.

To remove the pool fencing, one releases the tension and lifts up on the first pole. The swimming pool fence is then rolled to the 2nd pole, which is lifted and rolled to the 3rd and so on.

Removable swimming pool fences can usually be installed around irregular shapes and over varied surfaces and elevations. Due to the unobtrusive, transparent nature of pool fencing, most pool owners rarely remove this safety barrier.

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