Friday, May 7, 2010

Teen Saves 3-Year-Old Brother from Drowning

This week in Louisiana, 16-year-old Trace Juneau saved his little brother's life by performing CPR on him after he fell into the family's above-ground pool, preventing an accident from turning into a terrible tragedy.

The child had climbed the pool's ladder and fell into the water. He was without supervision for only a moment.

Incidents like this one can happen in a matter of seconds. The ladder had not been removed because the family were in and out of the pool much of the day. The house's backdoor was left open, and the 3-year-old walked out without anyone noticing. Everyone looked for the child in the yard before checking the pool.

Read the article here.

When a child goes missing, it is important to always check the swimming pool first. Always take the time to remove the ladder to above-ground pools, no matter how much you are using the pool, and learning CPR is imperatve. Also, consider alarming your above-ground pool.

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