Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swimming Pool Safety for Pets

Your pets require pool safety too!

Don't leave pets unsupervised in a yard with a pool. Not all dogs are good swimmers.

When building a pool, design lounge ledges along the sides. These are usually just below the water's surface and allow animals shallow areas from which to drink and an easy escape route from the water. Remember to show your dog where the exits are, and teach him or her several times.

Keep doors to the pool securely closed. Many dogs and cats can nose open doors, so make sure there is no gap between the door jam or sliding glass door runner and the door itself.

Buy a floating pool alarm device. These float in your pool and go off if the surface of the pool is disturbed. Have it designed so the alarm sounds outside and inside your home. Infrared beams can also alert you.

Disperse knotted nylon ropes at strategic locations along the sides. Make sure the knot is at the water's surface so the animal can more easily climb out. (This technique only works for climbing animals, such as raccoons, mice and squirrels).

More pool safety tips for pets can be found here.


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